Patient Reviews

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“Mr Singhania is a wonderful surgeon, he replaced both my hips and both my knees. His attention to detail was just fantastic with him either visiting or phoning me daily after the operations. The operations were a great success, 10 years on and I am able to walk miles and do just about everything l want to do. I cannot praise him enough”


“I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Singhania for operations to replace both my knees and both my hips. I cannot speak highly enough of his care and skills, including pre-operative and post-operative consultations. I am fully fit now and am walking with ease, and while I cannot play tennis, I enjoy participation in regular dance classes. Very grateful thanks”


“I have nothing but praise for Mr Singhania. I have had two hip replacements, both done by Mr Singhania and on both occasions, I have found his professionalism and care first class. He has a mild mannered and caring approach and gives a fully informed plan of the treatment you are about to receive. I am now well and pain free. Thank you once again Mr Singhania”


“Dear Mr Singhania I was hesitant to get my knee replacement surgery done as I have personally seen my friends and families who had unsuccessful outcomes following their surgery.  However, I am pleased to state that following my knee replacement surgery on … and the physio sessions arranged by Nuffield, within weeks, I was back on my feet.  All my friends and family have been amazed by my recovery, especially bending/flexing my knee to 130 degrees now, following the surgery. Saying ‘Thank You’ is not enough as I have a new knee which has changed my life and I will be requesting my GP to make another referral for my second knee surgery to be arranged at Nuffield Medical Centre, done by you!”


“Dear Mr Singhania I am extremely grateful to you for your excellent care and treatment. I was referred following years of severe pain and discomfort in both hips which progressively affected my mobility and made tending my garden problematic. Your careful and thorough assessments, and clear and detailed explanations gave me great confidence. Thankfully, in spite of the pandemic, you were able to offer early treatment for both hips, and the clinical staff who supported my recovery were very impressed (as I was) with the speed of my recovery – a tribute to the high quality of the surgery. I am now pain free except under excessive pressure and my friends tell me I am back to my former self. Thank you so much.”


“From initial referral to last consultation and discharge Mr Singhania was nothing but professional and knowledgeable, discussing my total knee replacement in great detail, explaining the risks and the procedure involved in the operation. Gave his time and made me feel like an individual! The neatest scar ever! Full mobility after a few weeks! Thank you Mr Singhania and your team.”


“Mr Singhania carried out a total right knee replacement for me. I was very happy with his thoroughness in explaining the risks and procedure involved in the operation, particularly given the Covid 19 pandemic and pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to regain significant movement in the limb and how speedily I was able to dispense with pain relief medication. Leg is already almost back to normal. Thank you Mr Singhania! I would give you 5 stars.”


“I specifically requested to be seen by this doctor following the excellent treatment received by my husband.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, Just before I go on holiday, I must thank you for the wonderful new hip that you so successfully gave me. It’s like a Rolls-Royce. Mundane actions such as putting on Wellington boots, walking (and cycling) can now feel normal. Any stiffness is now in the other hip. Oh dear. I hope you like the card; it is me in my dreams”


“The whole process of my two knee operations was made excellent by Mr Singhania’s polite, exact and professional care.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, This is a long overdue ‘Thank you.’ Six years ago, almost to the day when you receive this, you gave me a new hip. I thought you might like to know that I am totally pain-free and have total freedom of movement. Had the Olympics taken place this year I would be looking to qualify – in an ‘over 80’ event! Once again Thank you.”


“I am extremely grateful for the skill and attention I received from Mr Singhania. I now have two working, pain free hips. Shame about the knee and if necessary I would again seek his help.”


“I would like to thank Mr Singhania and his team who replaced my knee during this very difficult Covid 19 pandemic. From rescheduling because of “lockdown” two days before my surgery to rescheduling because of theatre staff having to isolate the morning of surgery, the whole team worked tirelessly to make sure that I am free of pain. I have requested that Mr Singhania replace my other knee, hopefully scheduled for next month and I know he will give me the care and attention needed. I cannot find fault with the treatment I have received.”


“Mr Singhania performed a total knee replacement for me about 6 months ago. Always courteous and polite, he was very thorough in explaining ahead of the surgery the pros and cons of replacement, the risks of the procedure and likely outcome. The operation itself went smoothly, the wound healed without complication and the scar is neat. I received excellent post op support from the Physio team at the Nuffield and I’m very happy with the range of movement I’ve achieved. I can kneel on the new knee with only minor discomfort and was able to start gardening again after about 3 months. I’m slowly building up the distance I can walk (up to 9 miles now) and cycle (18 miles). Recovery was perhaps more painful than I was expecting but all in all a good outcome and I can recommend Mr Singhania.”


“Marvellous hip replacement- no pain relief required since operation.”


“Mr Singhania was very thorough in explaining all aspects of the knee replacement procedure prior to surgery. He could not have been a more caring and considerate surgeon during the whole process. The operation was a complete success and I have been able to get my life back to normal. Thank you”


“Mr Singhania was very efficient and professional. For a hip replacement in the middle of the COVID pandemic I felt as relaxed as I possibly could! From diagnosis the operation was less than 4 months and after the initial discomfort of the operation the results have been amazing. 6 months on I have my old life back with minimal discomfort. Mr Singhania was very confident that he could overcome my issues and that long term recovery was down to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live a full and active life again.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I wanted to say a big thank you for helping me get my life back.   I really don’t know, most of the time, that I have a new hip. It is amazing. Yes, if I do too much, like try to walk long distances too fast without hiking poles, the legs seize up in protest, but if I am sensible and use poles I can manage 12 miles in a day without pain.  I am not always sensible of course, but I am getting better at knowing my limits.  And I have lost weight now I am active again.”


“I would like to say a personal thank you to Mr Singhania for the operation he performed on my knee. The difference is incredible to say the least. After only 6 weeks I have almost full mobility, there is still some slight swelling around the knee cap but none at the rear. I have only experienced a little pain for the last 3 weeks which I am assuming is down to the exercises. Once again thank you. Best Wishes” – knee replacement patient.


“Dear Mr. Singhania, You operated on my left hip 12 years ago for which I am eternally grateful. It has been so successful, but now my right hip is obviously needing your expertise.” 


“This message is quite simply to thank you for the very successful operation on my right knee. My knee replacement was done on May 1st, and I thought you would like to know, just how successful it has proved to be. Having received good physiotherapy instruction both whilst I was in the Nuffield and afterwards during several visits, I am now back to living my normal life, even gardening. We have rather a large garden, which my Husband and I share, regarding the work involved. So naturally he is pleased that my progress has been so good, and so am I. We have stairs in our house, which at the beginning were a little difficult I must admit, but now, I am pleased to say, that I go up and down them, without even thinking. So, many thanks for my knee operation Mr Singhania. It has changed my life, for the better!”


“Subject: Hip hip hooray … Please could you let Mr Singhania know that I am doing very well. He has transformed my life! I faithfully am doing all my exercises with fantastic results. Since last week we have been doing a daily walk, so now I can walk for 30/40 minutes. Now with just 1 crutch support to obviously keep the social distance. I am very happy. Best wishes. PS. Please keep me in mind for the knees!” – 4 weeks after hip replacement.


“I have just been to the health centre for a dressing change.  The nurse was very impressed as it was one of the neatest she had ever seen, it was dry and didn’t need any cleaning which she had expected to do, so all is well. Please thank Mr Singhania” – hip replacement patient.


“Dear Mr Singhania and Team, I would like to thank you and your team for all the care and attention you gave me before and when I had my operation on the 1st June … I have recovered extremely well and I am getting my fitness back” – hip replacement patient.


“I just wanted to say to you how grateful … is that she has the opportunity to be cared for by Mr Singhania, he has shown nothing but kindness to her and … appreciates everything very much” – bilateral knee replacement patient’s relative.


“Dear Mr Singhania, I wanted to write to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me in getting my new knees!! You have been so very kind and made the whole process so much more pleasant than it might have been. It has been such a pleasure to meet you and I have always enjoyed our meetings! I so much appreciate that you have seen me on the NHS but under any circumstances I feel it has been a privilege to meet you. Thank you for everything. Stay well & safe in the future. With my very best wishes.”


“Mr Singhania, Just to say thank you for giving me 2 new Knees. I am so grateful for the care that you and the other staff at the Spire have given me.”


“To Mr Singhania, Thank you so much for all your help with my diagnosis and treatment. You have been most helpful and kind and it has been much appreciated. Your secretary has been very helpful also. Kind regards”


“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you very much indeed not only for your skill in giving me a Knee Replacement that continues to function splendidly, but also for your help and kindness during consultations. I also admired the way you explained my medical condition so clearly, and warned me of a possible unsatisfactory outcome. May I wish you and your family a very happy New Year? And, again, thank you!”


“Dear Mr Singhania, following my hip replacement on 16th October, I am writing to thank you and the staff at Spire. I have made very good progress and am so happy to be free from pain and resuming normal activities. All of the treatment that I received at Spire was wonderful and so caring and has contributed to my recovery. Thank you again.”


“Two years after my hip operation … just to say thanks. I am now able to lead a full pain free life again.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I had occasion to visit my Doctor … yesterday, and he inspected my hip wound. Dr … advised me it was one of the best he had seen. I am doing my best to follow the instructions given and the Nuffield to compliment your excellent work. Kind regards”


“To Mr Singhania: My warm & grateful thanks for being the very fortunate recipient of your skill & professionalism. You have given me a new lease of life for which I am for ever grateful”


“I found Mr Singhania to be courteous & patient, describing my diagnosis in a clear & precise manner, he filled me with confidence but at the same time made me aware of the possible dangers of an operation. He made my decision to proceed with an operation easy to make.”


“At the meeting in his consultant’s room, Mr Singhania was immaculately dressed as usual; greeting my wife and I and confirming that “of course Mrs… can stay.” He was very pleasant and I felt that we had a relaxed meeting. Mr S was congratulatory on my progress, which made me feel good. While he was checking my posture, I remarked that “both legs now seem to be the same length.” He chuckled and replied “We aim to please.” Very human, nice man. Glad he was my doctor.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I am writing to thank you very much for my successful hip replacement surgery, which you performed on 26th June. I continue to make good progress with mobility – walking, driving & doing some gardening. I am active & do exercises regularly, although I still find it a little difficult to put my socks on, tie my laces & cut my toenails! I do not need to take any medication now. I am just planning another trip to India, next February-March, to take some more safaris in the beautiful jungle of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, which I love so much. Thank you once again. With best wishes”


“I judge this doctor to be perceptive, knowledgeable and highly skilled. He displays very high standards and excellent patient care.”


“I cannot praise Mr Singhania highly enough. His care and dedication are second to none. I thank my lucky stars that it was himself that I was fortunately enough to have been in his care. Many thanks.”


 “I found this doctor caring, polite, patient, thorough and efficient, together with a gentle and kind sense of humour. I have no criticisms at all to make.”


“I have every confidence in this doctor at every stage. If one follows the exercises then the hip replacement will be successful. I have now had both hips replaced by the same doctor and feel like a new man.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent care I received. The whole atmosphere of the hospital is one of care and healing and I am very grateful to have been able to be part of it.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I would like to thank you for returning my walking legs to me. I am in Scotland, walking in the hills, up to 4 miles happily. I can get on my socks and even tie up the laces on walking boots, four months after you replaced my hip joint.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I really appreciate the diligent way that you cared for me after my recent knee surgery. Thank you.”


“Mr Singhania …while I was in the Nuffield to have my hip operation, I know I was scared still, but your kindness assured me that all would be well and I felt much better. Once again, thank you”


“Thank you for all your care and concern for me”


“To Mr Singhania, I would like to thank you and your team for such wonderful care I have received with a knee replacement. I have been for a check-up today and you were happy with my recovery. You are all amazing people. Bless you all. My love”


“I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to you and your entire support team for the manner in which my recent Knee Replacement operation was carried out and the kindness and concern shown by everyone when minor heart problems were discovered. Throughout my short stay at the Lea Hospital the attention received from the nursing staff and your own reassuring visits post operation were very much appreciated, as fear of the unknown can be unsettling, especially on a first stay in hospital. I would hope that you will pass these sentiments on to your staff and in the meantime I will attempt to do you all justice by diligently continuing my therapy..”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I am writing to you to say thank you for your kindness and professionalism during my recent consultation concerning my knee. The knee seems to be recovering well and I look forward to getting back to some appropriate exercise in the near future.”


“To Mr Singhania and all his team grateful thanks”


“Enjoying our holiday in the Camargue. The new hip is working well – no problems with walking, swimming or driving. Our thanks for your good work!”


“For a former SRN SCM (Guy’s 1951) one of the joys of getting older is that I can say what I like to a Consultant. So – Thank you – for your expertise & good humour. And to your team.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, Thank you for sending me a copy of your very comprehensive report to my GP. The consultation, like this report, was a great reassurance and help to me. I now know clearly what is happening and understand the options before me. Thank you for your welcoming manner and clear helpful explanations.”


“Thank you to Mr Aloke K Singhania & his team for the care given to me after my Hip Replacement.”


“I would like to say a very big thank you for giving me my freedom back, Dr FANTASTIC! Thank you so much”


“Dear Mr Singhania, It is now a year since you operated and gave me a new left hip. You may remember you replaced my right hip five years ago too. Both hip replacements continue to serve me very well. My quality of life has improved to the point where I need no aids; am able to walk, and dance, with ease and, in fact, enjoy life to the full.  Once again I would like to thank you, for the care and expertise you showed me during these vulnerable times for me. I shall carry on with sensible exercising in order to encourage the progress to go from strength to strength. I hope you are keeping well and send you best wishes for the future.”


“I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed to me following my recent knee replacement surgery. I would like to thank Mr Singhania and his surgical team, also the members of the team who I saw on a daily basis and to whom I became particularly close during my stay in hospital. However, I’d also like to thank all the other people too numerous to mention, who all played such an important part in my treatment and recovery. Many thanks to you all”


“Dear Mr Singhania, Thank you so much for your expertise in replacing my hip joint as well as your care and attention during the rest of my stay in hospital. It all contributed to my successful recovery and I’m sure I’ll continue to improve. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year and once again many thanks.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, It is little over a year that you operated on me for a left hip replacement. I am writing to thank you and your support staff for a job well done. I am now completely mobile and getting around the golf course with little or no trouble. Unfortunately, the golf doesn’t improve! Maybe you could do some surgery on my back-swing. Thank you so much and more success in the future.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I want to write to you to say thank you so much for your kindness, when I came into hospital, not having had any previous operation you can imagine I was very nervous but your ability to make your patients at ease is much to be admired. I am so happy with my new hip and will take great care of it. Thank you so much once again.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I am writing to let you know how successful the operation you performed on my knee has been. At the beginning of March you removed damaged cartilage from my right knee by keyhole surgery. I am now able to straighten my leg completely; I wizz up and down stairs, putting my weight on it; I can kneel down and squat down; I lie comfortably in bed, go for walks and cycle rides, do lots of gardening – including climbing step ladders. The cyst reduced in size, as did the lump on the inner side of my knee at the point of insertion – just as you had predicted. My knee is once again a fully functioning part of my body. Apart from the occasional twinge, I have forgotten I ever had anything wrong with it! Thank you very much. All good wishes,”


“Dear Mr Singhania, It is a joy to be pain-free, able to carry out chores & to shop without frequently seeking to sit down! I am grateful to you & to your team for your skill & care. With all good wishes”


“Dear Mr Singhania, A small note to say a big thank you to you and your team. Together you have changed my life. I have been so impressed with the care and skills evident during my 2 stays at the Nuffield. I promise I will look after my new hips and will always be grateful for the miracle you have performed. Thank you for putting the spring back in my legs!”


“Mr Singhania, Wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your kindness and great expertise, I am having a lovely time!”


“To Mr Singhania, and all the staff that I met during my recent short stay at the hospital. Thank you so much for all the kindness and care I received from you all”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I am writing to say thank you for the excellent care & treatment which you gave to me at the Nuffield Hospital recently. I appreciate it all greatly & I could not ask for anything better. Unfortunately, swimming is not possible, because with my arthritic shoulders I can only manage the breast stroke! Fortunately, I have arranged to loan an exercise bike & cross trainer from a friend next week when I return from a week in Saville. So I will use them regularly! Plus longer walks with my Labrador! which I have missed over the last few months. Once again, many many thanks & my gratitude to you & your excellent & kind team. With best wishes.”


“Dear Mr Singhania It is a year now since you replaced my second hip and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you and your team. Being pain free and really mobile again is wonderful after all the difficulties with even simple movements. It was even a pleasure to put up the Christmas decorations. I had not realised quite how much pain I was in or how restricted my movements had become. Friends and relations have remarked on how well I move and look. Thank you very much.”


“Dear Mr Singhania Just a short note to advise that the knee held up well whilst skiing in the Alps last week and I wish to say thank you for that. Thanks again”


“Dear Mr Singhania I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my replacement knee. You carried out the procedure at the end of March and I find that I am now able to walk up and down quite steep hills and I can swim and cycle without any difficulty or pain. Such a relief after so many years of debilitating discomfort! So thank you for your care and for your surgical skills.”


“To Mr Singhania, Thank you so much for your expertise and kindness. Best wishes”


“Mr Singhania, As a remembrance of your skill & kindness shown to me during my op & afterwards”


“Mr Singhania, Sir, I cannot find sufficient adjectives to describe the treatment received at your hands during my recent sojourn in your establishment. From your good self, the Consultant, through the nursing staff, to the multifunctional tea lady, I received nothing but sheer professionalism, care and assistance from everyone. You collectively have my unreserved admiration. There can be no higher praise from an old Soldier than to say – I salute you. Merry Christmas and a happy and productive New Year.”


“Dear Mr Singhania I am very very pleased with my knee replacement which you done last August. I was wondering if I could have a 6 month check-up and also discuss having my other knee replaced.”


“To Mr Aloke Singhania & Team, Thanking you all for your care & very kind attention shown to me during my knee arthroscopy”


“Dear Mr Singhania Now that I have finally been signed off after my hip replacement operation I would like to say thank you very much to you for the treatment and care you gave me from start to finish. If ever have to have my other hip replaced, I will want you to perform the operation. Many thanks”


“With many grateful thanks to you and your team for my wonderful New Hip!”


“Dear Mr Singhania, Thank you for the successful surgery on my hip. I look forward to a time of increased mobility and a pain free future. I wish your continued success in your surgery. With gratitude”


“I can’t thank you enough for making my life so different. Skiing is once again a real pleasure. The hip is pain free & very strong. Thank you”


“Dear Mr Singhania, On 17th December we are moving to Ireland, and I just wanted to thank you for all the help, support and above all fantastic treatment while I’ve been under your care. We have been told that the healthcare in our part of Ireland is really good, but I feel sure it won’t be able to match that which I have experienced.  Thank you, and your team, once again.”


“Dear Mr Singhania, I was disappointed not to able to thank you personally for making such a good job of my hip replacement operation on September 25th. I have made a really good recovery and feel positive and confident about the future. May I also take the opportunity to wish you a restful and happy time during the forthcoming holiday season and a successful and prosperous New year. Once again, thank you so much for your care and attention during my stay in hospital as well as all your excellent staff. Best wishes”


“I am writing to ask if you would kindly pass on my thanks to Dr Singhania and his team, the nurses and all the team for the excellent care I received when I came into the hospital for a total hip replacement. Dr Singhania and his team did a wonderful job on my leg and I am glad to say I am making very good progress. The nurses were superb as I also had a problem with my right hip and lower back and were patient & kind, trying to help ease my difficulty. I have to say my stay in hospital was one I shall always remember as being excellent. It does make such a change to be able to write a thank you letter rather than complaining and would appreciate your passing on my very grateful thanks.”


“Dear Mr Singhania I am enclosing a picture taken in … where I was Umpire for the Cricket Team. I cannot thank you enough for the knees you have done for me and made the quality of life so wonderful after 15 years in pain. You have given me a new lease of life and I hope to continue to Umpire thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very good job that you did on my hip”


“Dear Mr Singhania, Just a short note to say thank you for the excellent surgery you gave me when having a total hip replacement. I am making progress. The wound is healing well. I cannot thank you enough. You have literally given me my life back. It is wonderful to be free of that pain. Kindest regards”


“Dear Mr Singhania, On behalf of my father many thanks for your consideration and kindness during his hospital stay.”


“I can’t thank you enough for my new hip – it’s extraordinary to be without pain and to enjoy going for a walk again is fantastic.”


“Dear Mr Singhania I wanted to thank you for your professional skill, care and courtesy. I am very pleased with the outcome of my hip operation which appears to have gone without a hitch as far as I can tell. I feel I was lucky in having you as my surgeon. Even the nurses commented on the fact that wounds incised by yourself were always neat and did not require the removal of stitches. Best wishes and thank you”


“To Mr Singhania + team, Many, many thanx for your help + kindness”


“Mr Singhania, Many thanks to you for my new left hip. Please pass my thanks to your operating staff for my perfect Op and care. I’ll stick with you and your team!! Look forward to seeing you all again for the right hip”                         


“Dear Mr Aloke Singhania, We would like to say a big thank you for carrying out the operation & giving … a chance to be comfortable & free of pain. Thanks again. …. & family”


“Mr Singhania, you did exactly what it says by turning off the pain in my leg. You are a gentle-man and a gentleman!! My sincere thanks to you and your wonderful staff. Warmest wishes”


“Thank you for being at the end of the Phone. You made me feel better. Kind regards.”


“Can I just say you are a STAR. I was so worried that I would be sick as you know. You looked after me so well. I was phoning my daughter up 10 mins after I got back to my room. Thank you for what you done. I wish you and your family all the happiness, because you made me happy. Thank you.”


“Thank you for a wonderful job on my knee – as good as new! Merry Christmas”


“Dear Mr Singhania, thank you so much for replacing my hip recently. I am recovering well, taking care and doing my exercises! With very best wishes”


“To Mr Singhania + his team, Thank you so much for your superb care and friendly help. Love from”


“Thank you so much for your excellent work which I will appreciate more as I exercise, exercise, exercise ….!!”


“I found Mr Singhania very understanding, pleasant and he put me at ease before my operation and during after care.”


“The doctor was empathetic and concerned about my welfare as a patient.”


“I saw Mr Singhania for a hip replacement and have been very happy with the original consultation and the results of the operation.”


“Affable, easy to talk to + expeditious.”


“I am very pleased with the results of my operation. Many thanks”


“I felt I was in the hands of a very competent and caring doctor, as was the anaesthetist. Both showed very high standards and professionalism, would highly recommend them to anyone.”


“Having been treated by this doctor before, I specifically asked to be referred to him.”


 “Mr Singhania is an outstanding doctor – kind + gentlemanly but very good at understanding concerns + determined to improve his patients’ lifestyles as well as cure their ailments.”


“All my questions were answered without talking down to me. I am very grateful to the doctor for very professional behaviour and treatment, and restoring me to a fully mobile and pain free life.”


“It was a pleasure dealing with Mr Singhania.”


“Cannot thank Mr Singhania enough for his expertise. I now have my active life back!”


“He was / is so very helpful throughout my assessment + treatment. Excellent.”


“Excellent doctor who provided an excellent service in all respects.”