Feedback from Colleagues

“An excellent clinician, who knows how to lead a team. He is finicky to the point of being obsessive about sterility and infection control; which is something I appreciate a lot in him. He has the interests of patients at his heart. He definitely passes the “friends and family” test with flying colours.”

“Aloke is one the nicest surgeons I work with.”

“Mr Singhania is a great clinician and a good colleague. He communicates well and he is highly committed to patients care. I would let Mr Singhania look after my family if they require orthopaedic surgery.”

“Mr Singhania is very easy to work with. He is always pleasant, polite very respectful & values our contribution to the rehabilitation of his patients – which means a lot to us. He always communicates well with the physiotherapists on the ward & is very clear in both his documentation and his conversations with us. He is also very clear in his communication with patients, which enables all of the MDT & the patients/families to have the same expectations. All of which is very beneficial in the rehab & discharge planning process.”

“Mr Singhania is very supportive of the enhanced recovery pathway, and this is reflected well in the outcome of his patients here. They are well prepared to meet his expectations, which in turn means our role is clear in the post-operative rehabilitation process. If we have anything which needs clarification, or concerns regarding his patients, Mr Singhania is always prepared to offer advice and support, whether it be in person or via a telephone call. He is very approachable, and will also seek to find us if there is something that needs relaying regarding his patients first hand.”

“As a nurse caring for his patients in private hospital he is always available for advice on their care, he is polite respectful to staff, patients and relatives.”

“Mr. Singhania is really conscientious with regards to his work. He is really commendable and professional.”

“This Consultant is very efficient and polite to patients and staff. His knowledge is very good and patients feel informed and confident when they leave. He always dresses in a suit and is kind as well as being professional.”

“Mr Singhania is an example of a Consultant who puts patient care first and is fantastic to work with and very good team player.”

“Excellent colleague and a safe surgeon.”

“He is a pleasure to work, supportive and very good with his patients and staff.”

“Mr Singhania is a very conscientious individual who always tries to work to the best of his ability. He ensures that the whole team understands what he is doing.”

“Very caring, treats his patients with respect and as a “whole” person not just a surgical procedure.”